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Social Security Disability Compassionate Allowances

The social security disability process is a notoriously long process that can often take years from the time when an application is submitted to when benefits are received.

There are many reasons for the lengthy delay, but the main reasons is the high volume of applications and the small number of social security staff reviewing all of the applications (which is why you should always be kind to every social security employee. One, they are always nice individuals, but two, they are incredibly overworked).

The Social Security Administration will usually review applications in the order in which they are received. For that reason, it is beneficial to have the assistance of an attorney or representative guiding you through the process. Any delay at any stage of the application process will place you behind other applicants and extend the time until you receive your benefits.

The SSA does however recognize that certain conditions or diseases are more serious than others and do warrant an expedited review. These conditions, called Compassionate Allowance Conditions, primarily include certain cancers, brain disorders and other rare diseases.

The SSA has determined that if an applicant has one of these conditions, the applicant automatically qualifies for benefits and thus the agency can make a quick decision and provide benefits much faster than normal.

The SSA has compiled a list of Compassionate Allowance Conditions.

If you happen to have a condition on the above list, or know someone who has a condition, that person is entitled to benefits.

Our office is happy to assist in completing the disability application so that the benefits are received.

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